Fetch.ai network

Explore information on Validators, the Fetch.ai wallet and FET coin.

& FET coins

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A Web3 network run by community of validators where you can build, deploy and monetize your Decentralized Apps (DApps).

Use FET to pay for the transactions on the network. And manage your FET balance using the Fetch Wallet.


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Community validators use their nodes to secure the network and validate + record the transactions on it.

In return, validators get rewarded by earning FET as block rewards and transaction fees. Validators can also offer delegation service to small FET holders and earn a portion of the delegators staking rewards.

Tool Box

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Use a myriad of tools to build, deploy, and query the Fetch Network.
  • Block Explorer - to query the network
  • Cosmpy - a python library to interact with the network
  • Fetchd - a library to run a full node (library used by the validators)
  • Jenesis - a python script to assist in smart contract development.